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How cooperatives provide sustainable community services worldwide

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Canada: Worker Cooperatives taking action to address climate change


Cooperatives are showing leadership by joining together to develop a cooperative solution to climate change. The Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation (CWCF) member Sustainability Solutions Group (SSG) has put out a call to action to engage cooperatives in climate change activities, including in their publication “A...[more]

Social needs could increase worker and social cooperatives in China


In China the lack of cooperative legislation has made the reestablishment of cooperatives difficult. Now, apart from the 2006 “Farmers Specialized Cooperatives Law", there is still no legislation on other types of cooperatives nor any basic cooperative law. The government department responsible for enterprise registration does...[more]

Green Economy and worker cooperatives


A report recently published by the Andalusian Federation of Worker Cooperatives (FAECTA) in Spain provide evidence that the green economy offers new business opportunities and job creation for worker cooperatives in this region, including sectors such as sustainable tourism and community services. The study reflects that the...[more]

Worker cooperatives, a solution to empower migrant domestic workers in the Middle East?


Arab countries have seen an increase, in mainly female, migrant domestic workers who have become the primary care providers in the household. The lack of a comprehensive governance framework for migrant domestic workers results in an asymmetric working relation between the domestic worker and the employer. This working...[more]

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