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How cooperatives provide sustainable community services worldwide

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Making the difference

Cooperatives, as the most important expression of citizens’ needs and aspirations that have an enterprise form, have appeared naturally to provide adequate solutions to satisfy community needs worldwide. Even more, they provide higher quality and better cost-efficiency compared to other delivery patterns, according to a number of studies. Why are cooperatives making such a difference?

It is virtually the only enterprise model that can fully empower the various local actors involved in an activity through joint and democratic control, while implementing such activities in a strictly entrepreneurial fashion! In this way, it guarantees that various interests and resources within a local community are represented and that an adequate response is provided.

Cooperatives respond to fundamental needs by offering quality services, which are characterised by a democratic governance model, where each stakeholder involved has a say. The commitment of local actors in the cooperative’s activities increases their control over the quality of the activities and the services provided. This helps to ensure efficiency and responsibility.