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How cooperatives provide sustainable community services worldwide

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Organisations involved


CICOPA, a sectoral organisation of the International Cooperative Alliance represents industrial and service cooperatives across the world. The 43 member organisations from 28 countries affiliate 65,000 industrial and service cooperatives providing 3 million jobs across the world. Many of those cooperatives are worker cooperatives, namely cooperatives where the members are the staff of the enterprise.

A new and growing type of cooperative represented by CICOPA are social cooperatives, namely cooperatives whose mission is the delivery of goods of services of general interest i.e., community services. CICOPA also represents cooperatives of self-employed producers active in industry and services.


The International Health Cooperative Organisation is a voluntary association of consumer (user), producer (provider) and multistakeholders health co‐operatives which seek to provide high‐quality, cost‐effective community health care based on freedom of choice, integration of services, and ethical working conditions.


Its objectives, as a Sectoral Organisation of the International Cooperative Alliance, are to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange on issues of relevance to its member organizations; to provide information about the nature and role of health co‐operatives to international agencies and bodies, specifically United Nations bodies, to national governments, to the media and to public opinion; to promote the development of health co‐operatives and collaborate with the Alliance Regional Organisations, Thematic Committees and other Sectoral Organisations.